ACTIVITIES for startups

Let’s make Central Eastern European startups more competitive!

Check our activities and find out what fits to your startup’s needs

International Tech Events

We bring startups to tech events in Europe to facilitate networking and meeting with investors such as SLUSH, Web Summit, Startup Ole.

Access2finance Workshops

We organize workshops in Slovenia, Czech Republic and Romania to meet and network with startups and innovative SMEs.

Training Courses On Public And Private Funding

We deliver training courses on fundings available both at regional and European scale. Check the traning course opportunities on the homepage.

Online Courses

We gather courses that can support you to develop your enterpreneurial skills.

My-gateway Funding Template

We prepared this template to guide startups to apply to all types of funding and overcome the difficulty to match their expertise with a multiple proposal/funding template.

Talent Acquisition Model

We share this model to help startups to find talents among Universities students.

Alternative Technology Transfer Methodology

We shared this report that helps startups to collaborate with Universities as to access unused R&D results from Universities and prepare them for the market!