Startup Europe Summit's winners!

MY-GATEWAY would like to officially announce the 21 lucky winners for the Startup Europe Summit 2018

Congratulations to: Mimirium from Bulgaria, Sea Harmony from Bulgaria, KeyMedia from Bulgaria, from Bulgaria, Oscar Senior from Czech Republic, Data4You from Czech Republic, DroneIQ from Hungary, Uhura Solutions from Montenegro, The Badger from Montenegro, Formon from Kosovo, Labbox from Kosovo, Sky Tronic from Poland, Macedonian Honey from Macedonia, Pixyle from Macedonia, CouchCoach from Serbia, Wibbly Wobbly from Serbia, TeleportHQ from Romania, iFactor from Romania, TransMogul from Albania, Pragmatic from Albania and E.V.A.N.S. from Slovenia.

MY-GATEWAY team are pleased to have received a great number of participants, it’s a shame we cannot bring everyone to Startup Europe Summit! Each Startup demonstrated a great deal of creativity and innovation. We’re really looking forward to getting to know them in person this Thursday in Sofia and share with you all more information about them.

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What is the Startup Europe Summit?

The European Startup Event comes to Sofia. This time it will be about technology leadership, European ecosystem funding (more than €10 Billion in the pipeline) and growing your business. During the day startup leading founders and tech leaders share their learning, providing perspective and showing what it takes to build a successful startup.