Rethinking women entrepreneurship?

Why women entrepreneurship is not just an ethical issue but a priority for all. 

Did you know that?

52% of European population is composed by females, yet only 34.4% of them are self-employed and 30% are start-up entrepreneurs. In the Central and Eastern European countries, women entrepreneurship rates in Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia in 2017 were 32%, 26%, 33% respectively.




Why shall we care more about women entrepreneurship?


Undoubtedly, increasing parity of opportunity between genders is an ethical and moral obligation. But that is not the full picture. According to McKinsey, women entrepreneurship is strictly interlinked with economic growth and wellbeing: shortening UK gender gap in the workplace could produce an extra income of £150 billion and 840,000 new jobs since now to 2025!


What hinders women entrepreneurship?


Segregated labor market, lower supporting measures for women entrepreneurs when it comes to access to finance, lack of networks and mentoring, and difficulty to reconcile business with family are just some of the obstacles to female entrepreneurship.


Which are the tools that support women entrepreneurship in Europe?



Are you a woman and entrepreneur?  


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