Entrepreneurship in eight steps

Find the skills you need all in one place

One of the main differences between small and large companies is the flexibility you need to show in terms of learning new skills and be ready to study areas you would have never dreamed of reading about.


In small businesses the core team counts: no one can afford to doze off and let someone else deal with the problem. Solutions need to be found and in one way or the other it is probably you that need to start doing some research and come up with something. The workflow cannot stop and thanks to your commitment you feel like you don’t want to let anyone down. Especially yourself. Thus you embrace the conondrum like any another challenge you have taken on before and you just go for it!

And then there you are. You and the World Wide Web. You and YouTube. You and a million videos. You and 278,988 results that Google retrieved in less than a second. Most of them will not take you anywhere. Most of those websites are using their SEO wrong and deal with similar issues to the one you have, but are just not quite what you need. But you reassure yourself, you tell the little cheerleader inside your head that you can do it, it is just a matter of time.

Here is where we think we can do something to help you out make a choice and save precious time. Within the framework of MY-GATEWAY project, Universidade Nova de Lisboa worked hard to find the best online courses around to make your entrepreneurial journey a little bit easier.


The selected courses have been distributed in eight different categories which, together, will turn you into a full-on entrepreneur. Within each category you will find plenty of different online courses ranging from free and open online platforms such as YouTube, Coursera and edX. For some courses, in case you want to have a valid certificate, you may have to pay.

We really hope you will enjoy learning some entrepreneurial skills such as how to develop a business model or how to fine tune your financing and marketing skills, and these courses should do the job.

Do let us know which one has been the most useful for you!


Before you choose your course here, meet the Aneesh, a university professor who went through hours and hours of videos to make your entrepreneurial journey a tad easier!



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