Untold Stories Budapest

A startup event by founders to founders

Hold your entrepreneurial spirit tight because this Autumn will witness the birth of a new startup event: Untold Stories Budapest.


Unlike any other startup event you may have attended, Untold Stories, an event sponsored by Kitchen Budapest, Microsoft, Hiventures and KPMG, prioritises the 0% bullshit approach and values good quality as opposed to quantity.

Organised by people who have attended multiple networking and entrepreneurship-focused events as either special guests, speakers or general attendees over the last years, they felt there was a necessity to create something small, highly curated, which could actually meet some of the needs startups have


Not everyone needs to look for an investor, a future colleague or a COO. Some people may be looking for advice, the possibility to hear the diversified truth behind entrepreneurship, to be reassured that even those who are great today went through a tough patch and not necessarily had all the answers when faced with problems which turned out to be opportunities. 

And this is what we want to share with you. Stories which will mesmerize you, which will not leave you indifferent and will build a stronger You. These are the untold stories. 

The first edition of Untold Stories will take place in Budapest, or the ‘Pearl of the Danube’ as it is sometimes referred to, on 7 November and it really aims to create a community of change-makers.

No more than one hundred startups will be accepted to take part in this event, and, as you may expect, they will have to go through a selection process. Selected startups will have the possibility to book meetings with top-notch speakers from Silicon Valley and other European countries and take in some of the precious advice and experience. Take a look at the agenda and the format of the event here.

Apply to come to Untold Stories with us

We're starting small and we’re not scared of keeping it small if this is what it takes to make a difference. 


More about Untold Stories Budapest

Untold Stories Budapest is MY-GATEWAY project final event and, just like MY-GATEWAY, it aims to foster entrepreneurship in the CEE countries. Co-organised by Europa Media, IVSZ, Startup Hungary and Startup Europe Networks, Untold Stories came with the intention to stay.