Growth Oriented Teams

Competition is for Losers

Stanford University

Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal and Palantir, discusses business strategy and monopoly theory in "Competition is For Losers".

Entrepreneurial Leadership Toolbox

Babson College

What You Will Learn: 1) The ability to frame leadership duties with an entrepreneurial perspective. 2) Behaviors to enact an entrepreneurial leadership mindset. 3) Key ways to motivate, mobilize, and enlist others as a creator of positive results

How to Design Hardware Products

Stanford University

Hosain Rahman, CEO and Founder of Jawbone, covers the design process for building hardware products users love.

How to Manage?

Stanford University

You are not the only one whom your decisions impact. Ben Horowitz, founder of Andreessen Horowitz and Opsware, discusses this important management perspective that founders miss, with, of course, the gratuitous rap lyric or two sprinkled in.

Most leaders don't even know the game they are in

Simon Sinek

Trust and cooperation are not standard in our organizations and yet we know they should be. There are two attributes that every single leader has the opportunity to possess that will help them create the types of organizations we would be proud to call our own. Those two attributes are EMPATHY & PERSPECTIVE.

Team and Execution

Stanford University

Sam Altman finishes up "Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution" by covering Team and Execution, in Lecture 2 of How to Start a Startup.