MY-GATEWAY is an initiative created by experts that are passionate about improving the start up scene in Europe who, together with the support of Startup Europe, will help high-tech start-ups and promising SMEs in Romania, Slovenia and Czech Republic to grow and scale up on a pan-European level.

MY-GATEWAY developed its strategy based on four main pillars:

  • Access to networks: selected start-ups will attend the key tech and start-up events, meetings and workshops to facilitate match-making and the creation of new synergies across the ecosystems.
  • Access to finance: via knowledge provision and the arrangement of opportunities to meet funding suppliers from different EU countries, startups will learn how to better position themselves and diversify their income.
  • Access to talents: new models and methodologies will be developed to create to new academia-business communities.
  • Capacity building: selected start-ups will be trained on private and public funding opportunities across the EU.

Moreover, the project will gain insights over current and potential opportunities for growth and networking through our country analyses and a rich open-to-all stakeholder database and contribute to the expansion of the Startup Europe Community to the Balkans. To achieve this, MY-GATEWAY has involved the leading start-up support organisations from Serbia (Serbia Start Up), the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Foundation Seavus Enterprise) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (Spark Business Park). Together with the startups from the region, these startup support organizations will advise MY-GATEWAY consortium on how to adapt the project results to better address the needs of the Balkan ecosystems.

Geographical Focus

Central and Eastern Europe retains a great potential to become an active and valuable participant in the European startup ecosystem, as the region is transforming from a talent outsourcing destination to an entrepreneurial region.

For this reason, MY-GATEWAY has decided to focus its activities on the start-ups located in the three countries of the Central Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania. These countries belong to the so-called new Member States, having joined the European Union in 2004 and 2007.

Czech Republic