We are a Startup Europe initiative which aims to strengthen the capacities of high-tech startups and innovative SMEs in the Central and Eastern European region to become better connected, gain higher market exposure and have improved, streamlined access to funding opportunities and talent.

  • networks

    Access to networks

    Selected start-ups will attend tech and start-up events, meetings and workshops to create new synergies across the ecosystems.

  • finance

    Access to finance

    By meeting potential funding suppliers from different European countries, start-ups will learn how to better position themselves and diversify their income.

  • talent

    Access to talent

    By developing a collaboration between start-ups-stu- dents-universities, Start-ups will have the opportu- nity to employee people with right skills

  • capacity building

    Capacity building

    Selected start-ups will be trained on private and public funding opportunities across Europe.

Our project’s goal is to expand and implement all gained knowledge to the Western Balkans. Together with the startups from the region, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina , we will adapt the project results to better address to help them to grow.

Our target countries

Central and Eastern Europe retain a great potential to become an active and valuable participant in the European startup ecosystem.

Learn more about our target countries and their ecosystems!