On 13th July, Spark Business Park, MY-GATEWAY partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organised SPARK Demo day – an event where SPARK’s startups present their latest achievements to a panel of experts and to an audience composed of partners, investors and potential users of their products.

Twice a year, SPARK presents the latest achievements of their startups to specially invited investors and corporate partners, ending a six-month acceleration startup program. You got it right, we’re talking about SPARK Demo Day, on which fifth-generation startups, as well as members of SPARK alumni, presented their work.

The program started with three-minute pitches of their youngest startups from the fifth generation: Social Spot, Illuminos, Cabbage Games, Imicron, and Vizion. The jury, consisting of four experts (Igor Krezić - NSoft, Igor Tasic - Startup Europe Week, Helena Habibi - Dotforge Accelerator, and Sanjin Osmanbašić - SPARK), had three minutes for questions after each presentation. They selected the winners according to these criteria:

- Technology

- Team

- Disruptiveness

- Presentation skills

- Business model

It was not easy to choose the three best startups among the innovators, but the winners of the Demo Day were:

- first place, direct participation on BETAPITCH Mostar and 5000 KM win the #Imicron team

- second place and a fully paid trip to a startup conference win the #CabbageGames team

- third place, #coworking space by choice and 500 KM win the #Vizion team.

Startups from previous generations haven’t stopped working on their projects, so Sophico, Amplius,Pimatico, blablaDev, and Talks also had three minutes to pitch to potential investors. The program ended by reviewing SPARK through figures and introducing the "Play, Learn and Earn" startup game. Following the winner's announcement, the participants networked with food and drink, where some new co-operations were agreed. The Demo Day for the fifth generation was organized within the Digital Cities project.

Nikolina Zeljko