The European Startup Monitor

Startups, spare 10 minutes of your time to answer this 10-minute survey. Let Europe know what's startups current status and win the chance to go to Slush!

This project involves extensive quantitative and qualitative research, administering a pan-European startup survey, organizing interviews with founders, corporates, and policymakers, and providing forward-looking policy recommendations to the European Commission.  



At the heart of this research project is the 2019’s European Startup Monitor survey, where startup founders all across Europe are asked to give their insights in a 10 minute online questionnaire. 


Why should the startups of your ecosystem participate? 


They will help EU policy makers to better understand the startup ecosystem and to meet their needs. Their voices will be reflected in the policy recommendations given to the European Commission in the final 2019 European Startup Monitor Report. The data from each country should be as representative and comprehensive as possible, so that policy makers can really gain the correct insights into the European start-up ecosystem and work to boost its potential. 

It is thus vital that a large number of startups from your ecosystem participate. We are looking forward to your assistance in engaging the startups of your ecosystem and encouraging them to participate to the European Startup Monitor Survey.

By answering this survey you may even have the possibility to win a ticket to Slush!