Who'll come to Slush with us?

Find out who the eleven winning startups who will join us in Helsinki are!

Thanks to all of you who took part in our contest and helped make it a success!

Our Slush competition ended on 31 July and it took us a few extra days to go through the assorted list of Central and Eastern European startups who decided to spare some of their time and filled out our questionnaire. 

The criteria which had to be met for the judges to make the final decision concerned the idea, the quality of the pitch-deck, their motivation to attend, the current stage of the startup and the relevance to MY-GATEWAY's activities. 

Based on those elements, we're delighted to announce that the winners of this competition are: 

  1. Spendee, the app that gets your money into shape
  2. Hooray Studios, a magical place where personalized children’s books are created
  3. Fabrikor (Koruza), empowering the world with technologies that improve lives, from an advanced telecommunication system to open medical devices & 3D bioprinting
  4. Dronetag, an IoT device designed to make drones smarter, connected and safe for airspace access
  5. Jobful, a platform that helps you find your dream job
  6. Joystree, an app that connects locals with travellers 
  7. Collection Hub helps you recover your unpaid invoices
  8. Xmera Bionic Bike, a hybrid e-bike revolutionizing transportation with body tracking sensors
  9. Family Finances, mobile banking solutions for banks with a special focus on younger customers
  10. Domotron, a tool that allows people to take control of all the home appliances
  11. Biometrika (Armbeep), portable motion analysis monitoring device which allows you to accelerate your development with a data supported game-based coaching.

As announced, these startups will be given an attendee ticket to Slush and will have access to many side events which are currently being organised! More information wil be coming soon.