launches AI-powered job platform

Brussels, March 15 – launches a brand-new job platform that intelligently links jobseekers and startups looking for talent. “Being able to attract talent is one of the big difficulties that our startups face”, says Jan Bormans of “With our new job platform, we tackle this problem.”


The traditional way in which jobseekers look for work and companies try to attract talent doesn’t work in the start-up world. Fancy titles and impressive CVs are less important than the right skills and the right mindset. By extension, it is not the job title that counts, but the job content.

The intelligent job platform of understands all this, because of its ‘natural language understanding’-engine. Via either speech or text, jobseekers can input what they are good at and what type of job they are seeking, and the software will add the information to the personal ‘DNA’ of the individual.

“If someone says something in French, that skill is immediately added to his or her DNA on the platform,” explains COO Jan Bormans of “When you say you are a marketing manager, information about that position is added automatically, you no longer have to explain everything.”

Companies display their vacancies on the platform, after which the engine links the DNA of the job seeker and the DNA of the startup in a smart way.

“With this platform, is taking a significant step in solving one of the major problems faced by our startups”, adds Bormans, “the ability to attract talent. Almost every study and every discussion with startups show that lacking the right people puts a brake on growth.”

The platform is completely free until Antwerp Startup Fair,’s annual job fair in the ‘Sinjorenstad’ (Antwerp) on 18 April. After that event, advertising startups will have to pay a small fee. As from then, startups wanting to post a job will pay 99 euros per job per month, and 699 euros for ten jobs throughout a whole year. For jobseekers, the job platform will of course remain free of charge.

The new job platform of was launched during Tech Startup Day, Belgium’s biggest startup event, that attracted over 1,000 attendees. Tech Startup Day brings all the relevant players in the Belgian startup ecosystem to The Egg in Brussels.


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