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  • D1.1 Project Management Toolbox
  • D1.2 Quality Assurance and Monitoring Plan
  • D1.3 Innovation and IPR Note
  • D1.4 Gender Strategy
  • D4.1 Best Practices
  • D4.2 Talent acquisition model
  • D4.3 MY-GATEWAY technology transfer methodology
  • D5.1 Training methodology
  • D5.2 Training materials on public and private funding
  • D5.3 Repository of online courses for entrepreneurial skills
  • D5.4 Report on the delivery of the training courses
  • D6.1 Report on MY-GATEWAY synergies
  • D6.2 MY-GATEWAY-KEY – Exploitation strategy
  • D6.3 Report on the workshops
  • D6.4 Policy recommendations