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Talent Acquisition Model

The Talent Acquisition Model is designed to provide an answer on how to identify key pillars, components and stakeholders of talent development with a focus on entrepreneurship at the University. This report will present a model focused on talent acquisition that will help narrow the gap between disruptive innovative systems, startups, future of work and people in Central and Eastern Europe.

Technology Transfer Methodology

In this report we present a new approach to successfully transfer knowledge produced in universities into viable business models and new businesses. This approach is based on the combination of resources that are available at universities (such as intellectual property, human capital, teaching and training capabilities), with those of main stakeholders (such as capital and industrial experience).

In-depth Country Analysis

This report investigates the current situation in Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The in-depth country analysis is a comprehensive report highlighting the main trends, challenges, barriers and strengths of our target startup ecosystems of Central and Eastern Europe.

Report On Mapping Ecosystem

By relying on an in-depth country analysis, questionnaires and interviews, this report aims to map and assess the results collected. While the main purpose is to have a comprehensive picture of the Central Eastern European ecosystems, the end objectives are to raise awareness of the ecosystems’ gaps, detect the existing support mechanisms and underline the main actions that need to be undertaken by local stakeholders and policy-makers.

Report On Interview Results

The report on the interview results reveal features of a typical entrepreneur from Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic as well as the startups they have established. What is more important, the interviews will grasp their personal perspective on the obstacles they face on a daily basis.

Synergy Report

In this report the reader will dive into comprehensive problem-solution analysis and insights on opportunities for enhanced connectivity on three different levels: within ecosystems, among Central Eastern European ecosystems and between West European and Central Eastern European ecosystems.

Report On The My-gateway Meetup

This deliverable shed light on the barriers in obtaining funds from various local and foreign “funding suppliers” as well as the key learning opportunities and steps to promote connections between Central Eastern European ecosystem builders and other regions.

Hitchhiker's Guide On Procurement Opportunities

The Hitchhiker's Guide on Procurement Opportunities for Startups is a comprehensive summary of public and private procurement opportunities at country level – focus on Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Best Practices

This report is a collection of successful collaborations between universities and startups as well as between students and startups in the following areas: spin-offs and technology transfer frameworks, entrepreneurship skills training programmes and hiring talent initiatives.