The Team

Our experts are all Startup Europe Ambassadors in their respective countries. Our mission is to strengthen the startup ecosystem at local and European level by providing information about Startup Europe activities and by reducing the gap between local ecosystems and other relevant stakeholders. The Ambassadors act as key information points at national level, and they collaborate with the Startup Europe team of the Commission to improve Startup Europe initiative. To learn more about national contact points or become one of them, please consult the official website.

Krisztina Toth
Krisztina is the Coordinator for MY-GATEWAY and a Senior project manager within Europa Media. She has over six years of experience in developing and managing EU-funded projects under Horizon 2020, FP7 and CIP-IEE programmes with a specific focus on Entrepreneurship, innovation, international cooperation, science communication, and SME support.
Gabriella Lovasz
Gabriella is the Managing Director of Europa Media Nonprofit Ltd and has more than 15 years of experience in EU project development and management. Her main areas of focus are on SME development and ICT-supported learning, game-based learning.
Frosina Ilievska
Frosina has over 5 years of experience in managing various EU funds and management. Her main areas of focus are ICT, data science, innovation and entrepreneurship.
David Trayford
David was also an adviser in MY-WAY, a previous Startup Europe Project. He works with individuals, student groups, and startup programs teaching clear communication to help people share their ideas effectively and established corporations, globally, to unlock their existing potential (=innovation!). He is the host of many events including Brain Bar Budapest but his main passion is education especially preparing young people for the future skills needed to deal with the rapidly changing world.
Karen Bengtsson
Karen is the Marketing Specialist at Europa Media, responsible for the company's branding and communications strategy. She is also actively involved in the dissemination and communication performance of various H2020 projects where Europa Media acts as dissemination partner.
Edvokia Bairampa
Evdokia is the Social Media Manager of Europa Media. She takes care of the online presence of Europa Media and Geonardo and manages the social media activities of the EU projects. She completed her Master Diploma in Communication Science in Brussels at the Vrije Universiteit and she is deeply interested in Internationa and EU politics, International Relations and History. She has experience in both the private and European sector as she worked in different EU institutions and NGOs.
António Grilo
António Grilo is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, where he teaches at Master, Doctorate or Post-graduate degrees, and being the Vice-President of the research center UNIDEMI, being Digital Entrepreneurship one main areas of research. He was the coordinator of H2020 Digistart project and founder of the Startup Europe Africa Network, connecting European and African startup ecosystems. In addition, he was the founder of 3 companies.
Aneesh Zutshi
Dr. Aneesh Zutshi is working as an Invited Assistant Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade NOVA, Lisbon. He has been involved in several research projects in the area of Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Entrepreneurial Education. Previously, he was the project manager of project DIGISTART, a part of the Startup Europe Initiative. He is involved in diverse research areas such as Blockchain, Tokenization and Crowdfunding, Social Media Management, Distributed Organizations, and Leadership.
Tahereh Nodehi
Tahereh Nodehi is a Post-Doc researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering, at the Nova University of Lisbon. She holds Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering and has research experience in the area of entrepreneurship. Previously she has worked as a researcher in Project DIGISTART that was part of Startup Europe Initiative of the EU to boost entrepreneurship in Europe. Her research interests are Blockchain Technology, Technology Transfer, Cloud Computing, and Interoperability.
Belma Rizvanović
Experienced Program Adviser and Mentor in community development, social entrepreneurship and business incubation for start-ups. With over 3 years of experience in projects of community development concerning youth, Belma has supervised the implementation of 200 distinct social innovation projects and is a cofounder of H:ART initiative. While working in social business incubator, Belma has provided constant support with start-up development for over 50 start-up ideas in the fields of CRM, operational structure, sales and team development during three years’ period. She is involved in research areas of Future Work Skills, Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship and Digital Businesses.
Dr. Eli Even
Head of the Research Authority at the Bar Ilan University, Member of the Advisory Group Expert for Access to Risk Finance and Member of the Israel National Council for Research and Development Dr. Even has many years of experience in entrepreneurship and venture capital investments. As an expert in technology transfer at the interface between research and industry, he has vast experience in developing novel models for technology transfer and innovative research. He is a cofounder of several VCs in the fields of nanotechnology, cleantech, biotechnology and software.
Dr. Eyal Yaniv
Dr. Eyal Yaniv has been Head of Executive MBA program and Lecturer in Business Administration (strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing) at Bar Ilan University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 2003. Dr. Yaniv serves as Strategic Marketing Consultant and Personal Trainer for Managers.
Ayelet Sapir
Ayelet Sapir is a founding Partner in Pangea. Her expertise are in Information Communication Technology and related high-tech disciplines, in all the themes of the European Framework Program. She also specializes in the SMEs and in the empowerment of companies.
Zvi Kahana
Dr. Zvi Kahana is a founding Partner of Pangea and a member of the European Research Unit of the Research Authority of Bar Ilan University. He is widely experienced in the various aspects of research, assessment and development of projects, and direction of multinational R&D projects. He headed the life sciences division of Euro-Consultants (IL), and has developed many research proposals in the European Union's FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020.
Emilio Corchado
Building on his experience as the project coordinator of the WELCOME Project, Emilio is currently in charge of coordinating 3 major networks within Startup Europe (Accelerator Assembly, Startup Europe University Network and Startup Europe Nations High Level Group). In addition, he is CEO of Startup Olé, a major tech event gathering representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, Startup Europe Networks and hundreds of scaleups/startups.
Pablo Martín
Experienced professional with a documented history of working in the banking sector and Startup development across Europe. Pablo Martin is currently working as EU Project Manager at Startup OLÉ Accelerator, a tech event that brings together in Salamanca the entire European and international entrepreneurial ecosystem and he is in charge of implementing, in coordination with our European Partners, two H2020 projects from the European Commission: MY-GATEWAY and SEP.2.0.
Jan Bormans
Jan Bormans’ passion is working with people to make innovation and entrepreneurial creativity happen. He has a substantial background in high-tech and uniquely combines this with extensive experience in corporate innovation. He has been active in the Belgian and European startup scene since 2010. Jan has been active in European projects as participant, reviewer and rapporteur since 1996.
Frederik Tibau
Frederik is the Director of International Relations at, the one-stop-shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurship, and at, the top-of-mind time squeezer for scale-ups in Europe. As a member of the management team, his focus is on the community building strategy, on creating global connections for Belgian digital businesses and on spreading the betech message abroad. Frederik is also in charge of the economic startup missions organized by & and he manages the European projects that is involved in (such as 'MyGateway' and 'Speed/Interreg').
Holly Knower
Holly is the CEO of NACUE, a global model in youth entrepreneurship, recognised by the UN and the World Economic Forum. Her experience ranges from working with further education learners, current high education students and recent graduates to mature startups operating on a worldwide basis. Holly has over 5 years experience of working in student support, managing relationships, running local and regional events to aid the development of the startup ecosystem.
Till Spanke
Till works as a research consultant for NACUE and was previously involved in the successful completion of the MY-WAY project. Concurrently, he is a PhD student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Till's expertise lie in qualitative and quantitative research including survey and interview designs and regression analyses. He has a strong track record in ecosystem analyses, case study designs as well as identifying synergies between ecosystems, startups and support organisations.
Oana Bouraoui
Oana is an experienced project management professional and a community builder. In less than a year she has organized over 30 global events and developed a global mentorship program focused on the acceleration of professional and personal growth. Oana has been developing communities of Romanian entrepreneurs and tech professionals worldwide and connecting them into a global network, Romanian IT.
Diana Rusu
Diana Rusu is an organisational development and network specialist with an extensive experience in strategic projects across sectors: business, public, international development. From business development to public policy innovations, from social impact initiatives to profit driven ventures, she was at the forefront of designing and implementing strategies and processes aiming for long term & sustainable results. Her expertise includes at the same time designing governmental programs for startups & incubators and supporting the growth & scaling of startups, through personalised acceleration programs, corporate partnerships and internationalisation.
Marius Berescu
Marius is a Project Manager at Spherik Accelerator. His expertise are in Project Management (with focus on strategic projects and businesses development), funding (both European and governmental) and strategic planning. He was involved in the last decade in designing and implementing sustainable development and funding strategies for small-to-medium local communities. He is also specialized in training, management and youth mentoring&coaching.
Matej Rus
Matej is teacher of entrepreneurship with practical experience and a successful career in business. By founding the Venture Factory he established significant and recognizable national programmes for start-up entrepreneurship, such as Podim and Start:up Slovenia. He is an exceptional strategist that understands that smart work is much more important than hard work. He mostly works with early-stage startups and innovation-driven startup oriented corporates.
Nataša Rus
Nataša has experience planning and organizing business events, preparing marketing campaigns, and advising startups in the field of branding. She’s a creative who loves telling stories of brands and startups on social media. Within Initiative Start:up Maribor, she’s creating educational programmes and trainings for startup companies.
Aleš Zorc
Aleš is a business consultant and a project manager at the business incubator Venture Factory, and has more than 5 years of experience with supporting mostly technology-oriented startups. As a lawyer, he is particularly skilled in providing legal counsel to startups in all phases of their lifecycles.
Urban Lapanje
Urban is project manager at Initiative Start:up Slovenija and Venture Factory - business incubator of University of Maribor. For ten years he is actively engaged with startups as a consultant, lecturer, event organizer and program designer. He mostly works with early-stage startups and innovation-driven startup oriented corporates.
Tereza Kubicová
Tereza Kubicová is a director of the Department of SMEs and internal projects in Investment and Business Development Agency CzechInvest with 10-years of experience in project management on national as well as on international level. For 3 years, she has been cooperating with European Space Agency on management of ESA BIC Prague and incubation of start-ups. She is also certified expert on international cluster benchmarking.
Markéta Havlová
Director of Start-up Department at CzechInvest - Investment and Business Development Agency of the Czech Republic. Marketa is responsible for managing programs and activities for start-up ecosystem and start-ups itself both in the Czech Republic and abroad. She was at the inception of the - the first on-line start-up hub in the Czech Republic. Marketa is also involved at V4 Innovation Task Force Group. In 2017, Marketa was announced as one of the three Top woman 2017 of start-up scene. She started her career on department of Research, Development and Innovation at CzechInvest. Marketa graduated from the University of Life Sciences, Prague.
Martin Mourek
Martin has participated in coordination of ESA BIC Prague events and other internal projects within the Czechinvest agenda. He has one year experience in financial management. He studied Public Administration and Regional Development.
Victor Teodosio
Victor is one of the two co-founders of Hugin and Munin, a Branding and Communication agency based in Madrid. Apart from working on private funded projects, Victor has been highly involved in European projects, giving corporate branding a completely fresh view. Under Victor’s management, the agency took part in four H2020 European projects, co-founded Startup Europe Week and Madrid Startup House, the One-Stop-Shop for startups to grow and thrive in Madrid.
Francesca Monaco
Francesca has been working with European projects at Hugin and Munin for the last two years. She started off managing Startup Europe social media accounts and creating and managing content for, the One-Stop-Shop for European startups. She is now more involved in general communication management and running of different European projects. Previously, Francesca worked as a Blue Book trainee at the European Commission, in DG CONNECT, where she dealt with the Digital Skills sector.
Sara Lerota
Sara Lerota enjoys supporting the growth of the startup community in Bosnia and Herzegovina through working on partnership & startup development in SPARK. Her combination of a formal education (master´s degree in Business Economics, Finance and Accounting) and practical experience combined with a natural inclination toward marketing and visual arts resulted in her being experienced in fashion retail management, visual merchandising, sales and marketing. Sara supported more than 25 SPARK startups through coaching in terms of marketing, sales and CRM, and had the pleasure to contribute to enhancement of the local IT eco-system through various SPARK projects.
Vesna Ivanoska
Dedicated professional, passionate innovator of new educational models, trainer and mentor with 15 years of experience in non-formal education out of which 5 years a CEO of Seavus Education and Development center - the leading innovative training center specialized in IT and business training, working within the frame of the multinational group Seavus. Ms. Ivanoska portfolio includes various roles as manager, specialist for education and training, trainer, consultant, mentor and career advisor, out of which the last 5 years are dedicated to development of advanced education programs and models for professional development, entrepreneurship programs as well as programs for early discovery, Talent development and Talent Management in ICT industry
Tatjana Kalezic
Tatjana Kalezic is а Serbian entrepreneur, strategic planning and business consultant, international speaker and startup competitions jury member. She holds B.A.Sc. in Economics and Tourism. Tatjana fuses her background in the field of international relations, project management, event organization. She is a certified business consultant for the creative industries and innovations by National Agency for Regional Development of Serbia. She is dedicated to the entrepreneurship ecosystem development where she co-founded Startup Serbia and directed Founder Institute Belgrade Accelerator. She is experienced in corporate entrepreneurship, startup and business innovations training and mentoring. Tatjana is awarded by the Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists of Serbia for contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Serbia.
Aleksandra Karan
With an agricultural background and years of leading cluster of organic producers, Aleksandra co-founded Serbia Start Up with a mission to build bridges between agriculture and entrepreneurship. She is managing international Future Agro Challenge startup competition in Serbia. Aleksandra is co-director of Founder Institute Belgrade Chapter and active member of start up ecosystem as a consultant, project manager, event organizer and public speaker.